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Are you looking for a welcoming house for eco-sustainable tourism in Italy?
Do you want to take a vacation in full comfort without leaving an imprint on the environment?

The trend is called eco-sustainable tourism. We are here for you!

At Les Gomines “living in nature” is a philosophy of life to a conscious and respectful life together with all creatures and the environment! From the construction of our house according to the strict Klimahaus standards and the use of sustainable energy to the adoption of suitable measures for saving water, each of our choices is guided by the conviction that we take care of our environment and therefore also of ourselves.

An Eco-sustainable B&B in Italy

This are the main actions we have taken to offer you a dream vacation while protecting the environment:

1- Green Building: structure built following the Klimahaus energy saving protocols. Each of our spaces has been designed to bring mankind closer to nature through natural materials such as wood, natural fibers, ceramic and natural colors.

2- Green Energy: biomass boiler and solar panels offer sustainable heat. Solar panels and the use of low-consumption accessories and appliances allow you to minimize the consumption of electricity from the network.

3- Cura dell’Acqua: our garden is irrigated with rainwater from our recovery tanks, while all showers and tubs have a water jet regulator.

  • Eco-Hotel Italy

    wake up in the middle of nature

  • Ecotourism in South Tyrol

    Ecotourism in the heart of the dolomites

  • Responsible Tourism in South-Tyrol

    relaxation and respect together

  • Eco-Sustainable Tourism Italy

    be amazed by abundance

  • ecotourism in the alps forest

    get into forest’s dimension

Typical breakfast in South Tyrol

Discover the specialties of our tradition

4- Differentiated above 80%: particular attention is paid to the differentiation of garbage by separating glass, paper, cardboard, cans, batteries, bulbs and organic waste.

5- Local Products: we offer a healthy nourishment, linked to tradition and seasons, which mainly draws on local, housemade and organic products.

6- Eco-compatible products: house cleaning and linen washing are made with “Ecolabel” products. All products available in the rooms (courtesy kit and toilet paper, notepads, placemats) are Ecolabel and / or FSC certified.

7- Green Mobility: we provide a video surveillance area for storing and recharging your bicycles. We encourage the rental of bicycles through reserved agreements and we propose to take advantage of public transport. Our B&B is a few steps from the woods, the river and the historic center, so you can enjoy your stay easily on foot.


8- Eco-Bonus Cleaning: we propose to take advantage of our Ecobonus, giving up the daily cleaning of the room if not necessary.

9- Support to the Local Community:We support local activities so that not only tourism but the whole community can thrive and thus bring well-being to all of us.

10- Inclusion: as an accommodation facility, we repudiate discrimination in all its forms and aspects, giving anyone the opportunity to come to our territory and be welcomed according to our values of sharing and respect for all people.

Your Sustainable Vacation is Certified

Having obtained various “green” certifications, we are proud to have also received the international GSTC certification.The Global Sustainable Tourism Council sets and manages world standards for sustainable travel and tourism. Basically, both you and us, dear guests, are the ambassadors for low environmental impact tourism, congratulations!!

Our environmental awards are:

Eco-Sustainable Tourism Italy
Eco-Sustainable Tourism Italy
Eco-Sustainable Tourism Italy
Eco-Sustainable Tourism Italy
Eco-Sustainable Tourism Italy
Eco-Sustainable Tourism Italy
Eco-Sustainable Tourism Italy

But what does an Eco-Sustainable Vacation imply?


An eco-sustainable holiday respect the 3E law (economy-ethics-environment). The green tourist evaluates the economic impact of his trip, the ethical and environmental impact and demonstrates respect and sensitivity towards the territories, populations and cultures that host him.

In short:

– Responsible Tourism evaluates the ethical impact on the local population and its economic and social development,
– Sustainable Tourism considers that on the environment,
– Eco-Tourism, on the other hand, aims to stay in contact with the nature.

Sustainable Tourism in Numbers


Electricity from 100% renewable sources saves 1581 g of carbon dioxide, or 58 trees

Using low consumption light bulbs saves 222 g of emissions, or 8 trees

Using solar panels to produce hot water compared to gas allows you to gain 968 g of CO2, like 35 trees!

The flow reducers for water allow you to save up to 100 liters of water per day, corresponding to 36 g of carbon dioxide and one tree per day

The recovery and reuse of rainwater (for irrigation) saves up to 52 g of CO2 and 200 liters of water per person, like two trees per guest per day

A sustainable journey can save up to 8085 g of carbon dioxide and approximately 300 liters of water per person per day. How to plant 295 trees!

turismo ecosostenibile in trentino altoadige
Eco-Sustainable Tourism Italy

Advices for a more sustainable holiday:


1. Fill your bottle with our water, avoid buying plastic bottles
2. Try to minimize your waste
3. Move ecologically, leave your car in the garage
4. Respect nature and our traditions
5. Support local crafts and activities
6. Leave no traces and take everything with you again
7. Spread the word
8. On your return, continue to be green!

So, have we convinced you to become a green traveller?
Get ready to change yourself and the world, together we make it!

For any other questions about eco-sustainable tourism in Italy, contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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